Asteria Arts & Music Festival 2019 - Discounts

Asteria Arts & Music Festival 2019 – Promo Code “RAVEFAM”

Asteria Arts & Music Festival 2019 - Discounts
Asteria Arts & Music Festival 2019 – Discounts

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Join us for a next-level adventure as we announce the return of Asteria Arts & Music Festivali for 2019!

Enjoy our most unique experience yet, over the course of 2 days as you camp under the beautiful Florida sky. Tucked away in the center of the Sunshine State there’s a serene grove of ancient oaks where magic has returned to the world.

Connect with community and have the freedom to learn to love while relaxing away from the worries of normal life. Appreciate and indulge in the many avenues of excitement that we have to offer. There’s a little something for everyone at Asteria.

This year you’ll be joined by a ton of musical artists from across the world and the Florida locale performing on multiple stages. A variety of vendors will be on location to offer up a multitude of items & accessories to aid you on your fantastic expedition that just may lead you to some hidden gems. After hours anything goes as the night just might bring out some extra surprises.

For those looking to take their experience to the max, VIP options are available for access to a private lounge/bar and merchandise discounts. A gourmet food experience is up for grabs for anyone looking for high-grade fuel for their body to get through the adventure.

Are your friends joining you for the exploration?

Groups will be able to camp together in our on-site location that will be another entire area of fun. Camping packs are available for those who do not want to bring their own camping gear.

2017 was a huge success, but we’ve taken the time to amp up each area of the event to deliver an even better time this year. Entry to the festival will be granted to those wearing our unique wristbands that will be shipped out in a collector’s box as a keepsake. Before the festival even begins, we’ll be entertaining through a series of events called The Road To Asteria. Get ready, the Asteria adventure awaits!

*** Please Note that the address is to the Parking Lot and not the festival grounds, for more information see the parking information portion.

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